Build Your Brand, Be Yourself

Business + Brand Coaching for
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Build Your Brand,
Be Yourself

Business + Brand Coaching for
Coaches & Healers



Branding your coaching business means knowing your strengths.

If you didn’t catch my last post about what is a brand and why you need one, check out this post first.

Today, I’m going to talk about #1 in the 7 elements of a strong brand, and that is: A strong brand is built on who you are.

As a coach or healer, YOU are the brand.

As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, you started a business to do what you love and you consider your business an extension of who you are.

And that is why your brand starts with YOU.

Yes, your ideal clients will come into play eventually.

But first, you need to know who you are in order to build and brand the business of your dreams.

Your coaching brand needs a strong foundation.

Many people skip straight to making the business look pretty with all the bells and whistles.

If you skip straight to the external components without laying the foundation, your business won’t have the strength to weather the storm.

And one of the following will happen:

1) you’ll have to go back and build the foundation later, or 2) your business may crumble, leaving you with nothing.

A strong foundation lays the groundwork, so that no matter what external changes you make — even if you modify your offerings or pivot your niche — the bones are still there.

3 things to know about yourself to brand your coaching business

When you can fully and completely answer these three questions, you have set the foundation for a strong brand.

1) Why are you in business in the first place and what do you hope to accomplish through your work?

What caused you to start this business in the first place? Was it a passion, a dream, a change you wanted to make? What’s the impact you hope to have through your work? Why is that important to you?

2) What do you value in your business and what does that mean for you?

Your values are the key principles that guide your business. They show what you stand for and what matters to you. Knowing and communicating your top values attracts clients who want what you provide.

3) What are your strengths and passions and how do you use those in your business?

Your business can be the highest expression of your strengths, passions, and gifts. What are you really good at? What do people love about working with you? What do you love about your work?

Your coaching brand should reflect you

It takes time to do this self-reflection, but it’s so important.

When you spend time getting very clear on why you do this work, what you value, and what strengths you’ll use in your business, you set the groundwork for a strong brand.

A brand that both looks and feels like you, one that reflects your unique value and gives clients a glimpse into working with you.

Have you done the internal work to brand your business? If not, let’s chat. Sign up for a free Clarity Session here.