By now you know why you need a brand, but maybe you’re wondering, “Ok, but how do I create a strong brand?”

Strong brands have several things in common: they are unique, they are memorable, and they create an experience.

In this post, I outline 7 elements of a strong brand. How would you rank against each of these key brand attributes?

Want these 7 elements of a strong brand in a downloadable checklist?

1. Reflects who you are

As a solopreneur, YOU are the brand. You share your values, strengths, and story so that clients can understand who you are and why this work matters to you.

2. Shows what you stand for

Do you value connection or independence? Money or love? Speed or depth? The values that matter most to you and to your customers should be clear.

3. Articulates the value of your work

You provide specific, tangible value through the work you do with your clients, and you clearly communicate this value to your potential clients.

4. Communicates what makes you different

You answer the question, “Why should I buy from you?” You know what makes you different and you know why it matters to your clients.

5. Speaks directly to the people you serve

Your goal isn’t to appeal to everyone. A strong brand repels some people! You want to leave your dream clients thinking, “Wow, this person really KNOWS & UNDERSTANDS  me — and can help.”

6. Consistently delivers on your promise

You deliver on your (clearly-stated) promise to solve a problem — for every customer, every time, building customer loyalty and trust, and your reputation!

7. Shares your vision for the future

You started your business to help make a specific change in the world through your work. Your brand shares your vision and inspire others to believe in that vision.

There’s no substitute

When you take the time to thoughtfully consider each aspect of your brand, you’ll set the foundation for a stronger and marketing activities that work.

A strong brand helps you build a clear message, confidently communicate the value of what you do, and more easily attract your dream clients.

Get the 7 elements of a strong brand in a downloadable checklist.