If I know you, I know you started your business because there was a change you wanted to see in the world. 

You wanted to help others, make a difference, share a positive message, or shine a light on something important to you. This means that you have a purpose-driven business.

    Meaning > Money

    Your business is different than a run-of-the-mill business that was started purely to make money.

    You want to do more. You’re in it for the impact.

    Making money is part of the game, yes, and you deserve to get paid for your work. But you’re in it for the meaning more than the money.

    Your business is different and so are you

    Your business isn’t the norm, and neither are you. You’re an empath, a helper, a lightworker, a healer, heart-centered, mission-driven.

    For you, this isn’t just a job; this is a calling. You feel you were born or made to do this work, even if it feels scary or impossible at times.

    Because you’re no ordinary person running an ordinary business, the standard rules don’t apply. You make the rules. 

    And the more that you create and mold your business around what’s most important to you, how you want to serve, and take care of yourself in the process, the better your business will flow… and the more successful you will be.

    Here are 7 things to keep in mind when you’re running a purpose-driven business

    1. The best business for you is one that’s truly aligned with who you are at your core.

    2. To feel most happy and fulfilled in your business, pay attention to your top values.

    3. Identify what you most love to do and set up your business in a way that allows you to do that.

    4. Get clear on what the purpose of your business actually is (hint: it’s more than to just make money)

    5. You’ll meet fear and resistance because you’re doing heart-centered work. Get used to it 🙂

    6. Knowing your big “why” guides the course of your business and provides direction.

    7. Burnout is real, even if you love what you do. 

    Keep in mind

    What’s most important to keep in mind when you’re running a purpose-driven business is that you guide the ship. 

    Your sense of what’s needed, your intuition, your desire to make an impact are all key strengths in your business. 

    So celebrate the soul it took to create your business, and the heart it takes to show up and do the work you do. Honor yourself (and your gifts!) through the process.

    Which one of the above is most challenging to keep in mind? What’s the easiest? Share below!