Create your brand.
Clarify your message.
Make an impact.

Brand strategy + coaching
for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Create your brand.
Clarify your message.
Make an impact.

Brand strategy + coaching for
purpose-driven entrepreneurs



Your brand strategy is more important than your logo.

When you’re starting your business, you know you need a lot of different things: a website, a logo, social media, clients. But the most important thing you need to have in place — before you do any of the above — is a clear brand strategy.  

When I say strategy, I’m not talking about a 20 business plan or logo guidelines. Instead, I mean that you know the answers to these key questions:

  • What business are you starting and why?
  • What impact do you want to create?
  • Who are you best at serving?
  • What results do you provide?
  • Why should anyone care?

You need to be able to answer these 5 questions clearly and confidently before you start creating your website, logo, colors, and fonts.

But why do I even need a brand strategy?

When you have a very clear idea of who you are as a business, who you are serving, and why it matters, you have automatically establish the guidelines for every single business decision you.ever.make.

In fact, the clearer you are on your answers to those questions, the clearer all of your other actions will become. 

  • You’ll know how to describe yourself, who your target clients are and how to find them, and how to talk about the results of your work.
  • You’ll know what to post about on Instagram or what to write in your newsletter or what to mention on a sales call.
  • You’ll feel confident in your focus, and you won’t feel overwhelmed by decision-making or FOMO.

Your brand strategy comes first. Your brand assets (website, logo, colors, fonts) come second and are an extension of your strategy. Their whole purpose is to communicate your brand in a compelling, cohesive way.

Brand strategy starts with clarity

A clear brand strategy gives you a compass. It shows you where to go next.

Getting clear on your brand and what you stand for takes time and soul-searching. This clarity is priceless and worth every bit of effort, because it sets the stage for everything you do in your business.

Think of it this way:

  • Your Purpose — sets the stage for
  • Your Vision — which determines
  • Your Brand — which communicates
  • YOU

All of these aspects combine to form a purposeful, aligned business and brand that reflect you and your work.

How will you brand your business?

For some people, it’s easy to answer those 5 questions.

For others, it’s a struggle, especially if:

  • You’re not sure yet *exactly* what you do
  • You don’t know who you serve
  • You can’t to articulate the results you provide

If you don’t know the answers yet, it’s OK. You’ll find them when you are ready and willing to dig in, access your intuition, and do the work. (And when you do, you’ll experience a big “aha” moment!)

So I’m curious, can you answer the 5 questions above?

If you’re struggling with these key questions, I can help! Sign up for a free consult and let me know the question that challenges you most.