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Learn the exact steps to take to elevate your brand.
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Get a brand audit with a actionable tips to make your brand even stronger

This package will help you:

–  Ensure clarity and consistency in your brand across all channels

– Understand your brand strengths and how to use them to your advantage

– Know what areas to focus on in order to build your brand and attract more ideal clients

You want to build a stand out brand so you can consistently attract your dream clients

You know you need to be clear and consistent with your brand, but you’re not sure exactly how to get there, and what that should look like.

  • You’re not sure if your unique strengths and personality are coming through on your website
  • You don’t know if what you’re putting out there is what your clients want to see and hear
  • You can’t figure out how to take your brand from where you are now to where you want to be (which is: attracting more dream clients and growing your business!)

Your brand should work on your behalf to consistently to attract your dream clients… but you’re just not sure that your brand is dong that as well as it could!

What if you knew exactly what changes to make to build a stronger brand?

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to do to make your brand stand out so you can reach more people, get hired by your ideal clients, and grow your business intentionally.

What if you could finally…

  • Get clarity on what’s missing the mark in your brand — and learn how to fix it
  • Understand exactly what to focus on to help attract your dream clients
  • Feel confident that you are showing up consistently across all channels

I’m here to tell you, all of this is possible! I can help.

Hi, I’m Stacey, the founder of Create Coaching & Consulting.

As a brand consultant and a certified business coach, I’ve helped countless other business owners and solopreneurs build strong brands that reflect who they are and attract their dream clients.

As a business owner, you are THISCLOSE to your business and brand, so it’s often challenging to see what’s missing the mark. That’s why a third-party expert perspective can help.

With a career in marketing and branding, I know what it takes to help you build your own strong brand — one that showcases your unique strengths and communicates what you do to those who need you most.


Your Brand Audit can take you from feeling uncertain about your brand to building a strong, cohesive, consistent brand.

Elevate Your Brand is a brand audit and assessment that helps you pinpoint exactly what tips and strategies you can use to strengthen your brand — so you can stand out and attract your dream clients.

A brand audit can help you…

  • Understand your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, so you know exactly where to focus to make it even stronger.
  • Know what’s working so you can double-down and do even more of it.
  • Learn simple tweaks you can make to be more consistent with your brand, so you can attract more of your ideal clients.

… all so that you can grow your business and make a greater impact.

Your Brand Audit includes:

  1.  PRE-SESSION SURVEY. You’ll fill out a pre-session survey where you provide key information about your business, along with the link(s) to your brand assets (website and one social media account) for the brand audit.
  2.  BRAND AUDIT. I’ll do a thorough assessment of your brand assets, including your website and social media accounts, with a special focus on assessing the clarity, consistency, and quality of your content.
  3.  BRAND RECOMMENDATIONS. You’ll get a full, detailed report of your brand audit with tangible tips to strengthen your brand and improve your messaging and look and feel on your website and social media account.
  4. BRAND CLARITY CALL. You’ll have a brand clarity call with me where I’ll walk you through the exact next steps you can take to make your brand stronger. You can ask any questions along the way.

You will walk away knowing what specific steps you can take to build a brand that resonates with your clients and showcases your strengths.

You’re ready to uplevel your brand and a brand audit will show you how.

When you sign up to  get a brand audit, you will …

  • Save time, money, and frustration that comes with trying to do it all on your own.
  • Get objective, expert analysis and recommendations on what to do to make your brand stand out and attract your ideal clients.
  • Walk away with tangible to-dos, so you’re clear on exactly what changes to make.

You can take the exact steps to polish your brand and put your best foot forward in 2022.

Brand Audit Investment

 The current investment for a brand audit is $497.

There are 5 spots available for a brand audit each month. Sign up now to reserve yours!

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