Business Clarity Session

Stop spinning your wheels and start moving forward.
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A business clarity session is focused on helping you get clear on one aspect of your business, so you can move forward decisively and confidently.

This package will help you:

  • Get clarity on one main issue in your business
  • Identify your next action steps to get out there and get clients
  • Reclaim your sense of confidence and know that your business is on the right track!

You’ve been spinning your wheels for a while now

You’re frustrated, going in circles. You’ve been trying to make a decision on this ONE thing that’s crucial to your business for a while now, but with no avail.

You worry that you won’t figure this out and your business will never run as seamlessly as you imagine.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re second-guessing every move you make, whether it’s developing a new offer, choosing your niche, or making some other big change.
  • You’ve tried a few things, but if you’re honest, you’re not actually feeling passionate about any of them, and you don’t know where that leaves you.
  • You worry that if you don’t get this figured out, your business might never take off or that you won’t reach your full potential.

You know if you could only get the clarity you need, you would be able to move forward confidently.

But not having clarity on is making you run around in circles, contemplating many choices, but never really finding an answer. 

What if you could get the clarity you seek and finally move forward?

You know you could move forward confidently if you just had an answer for this one thing.

You’re ready to spend less time questioning yourself and more time serving clients in your business.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re ready to have a business that truly feels aligned with who you are.
  • You want to feel confident in your business decisions.
  • You’re ready to have a clear focus and direction, with specific actionable steps on how you can move forward.

 You’re ready to finally experience that relief and peace that comes from having clarity, so you can make a confident decision, and move forward with serving your clients and growing your business.

Hi, I’m Stacey, the founder of Create Coaching & Consulting.

I know what it’s like to want so desperately to make an impact and grow your business, but struggle with getting clarity on one key piece of the puzzle.

As a professional certified coach, I’ve helped many business owners just like you find clarity on the key aspects of their business, so they can move forward with confidence. I can help you, too.

I believe you already have the answers within you. But when you are THISCLOSE to your business, those answers might seem elusive. That’s why working with a certified coach, one who can act as a guide, hearing what’s not being said, can help.

Here’s what I know:

The first step toward building that business and brand that flows more seamlessly, gives you consistent income and clients, and allows you to live the life you love while doing your work is getting absolutely clear on those key decisions that make up the foundation of your business.

This means that your business feels like you, you’re excited to serve your niche, and you are delivering value each and every day.

Working together, you’ll get clarity on the problem and learn exactly what you need to do to fix it. You’ll feel clear, confident and ready to take your business to the next steps. Best of all, you’ll stop running in circles and start moving your business forward.

A Business Clarity Session can be the catalyst you need
to stop spinning your wheels and decisively take action.

These are some examples of the types of things we can focus on in a Business Clarity Session:

  • Narrowing your niche and identifying your ideal client
  • Fleshing out a new offering, service, or program
  • Getting clarity on your overall business direction
  • Identifying your goals and next steps
  • Clarifying your marketing strategy
  • Defining your key messaging for your business or your offering

Your Business Clarity Session includes:

Your Business Clarity Session includes:

  • Business Clarity Assessment. You’ll complete a pre-session assessment to identify where you need clarity and to define the focus of our session, so we can focus in on the issue and you can find answers.
  • Clarity Coaching Session. You’ll get 90 minutes of laser focused coaching on your business. We’ll hone in on that key area where you want clarity, explore the possibilities, and you’ll decide on your next action steps, so that you can move forward with confidence.
  • Email Support. Following our call, you’ll get one week of email support address any additional questions.

You’ll leave the coaching session with clearly defined next steps, so you can take action and move forward with confidence.


You could keep going in circles, or you could do this.

You could keep going in circles, asking the same questions to yourself in and in Facebook groups, hoping that a lightning rod will hit and you will get an answer you are 100% confident about. (But let’s be real, that hasn’t worked so far!) 

Or you could take this one step forward and book your Business Clarity Package, and finally get more clarity and get your business closer to the business you really want to run, one that you’re truly excited about.

Are you ready to finally step out of the spin cycle and start taking clear, confident action? Then it’s time to take the first step.



You can get your business clarity assessment, 90 minute personalized clarity coaching session, and follow up call all for only $397.

A limited number of sessions are available each month, so book now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find clarity on my own?

There are many reasons we have trouble finding clarity on our own. Often you need a mindset shift to get get there, and that usually takes an external catalyst. A coach can be that catalyst that helps you uncover the step or decision that’s right for you at this moment. 

Can any coach help me?

There are many coaches out there. In my coach training and certification program, I learned specific ways to help you tap into your own inner wisdom and inquire what’s best for you. As your coach, I serve as your guide, your reflector, and your synthesizer, asking you the right questions to find your own answer, sharing my observations, and helping you put together the pieces into a puzzle that fits. 

Why haven’t I found clarity yet?

The real reason you haven’t found clarity can be due to a few things: a values conflict, a limiting belief, or an external circumstance. But often it’s hard to identify exactly what that is until you’re speaking with someone who is able to help you examine and see it. This is what your coaching clarity session can do for you: help you find that clarity that resides in you and bring it to the surface, so you can make a decision, and take confident action.

Why should I pay you vs. ask in a FB group or get free advice?

Have you been asking the same question in Facebook groups for a while now? Have you ruminated on potential answers to your question, never to choose one? Have you talked yourself into and out of so many decisions that you don’t know which way is up?

If so, it’s time to recalibrate. You can access your own inner north star again, find your internal compass, get clear on the options available to you, and make a conscious decision on how you want to move forward.

If you’ve read this far, the Business Clarity Package is for you.

You want to find clarity, so take the first step. Stop the spinning, the questioning, the frustration and sign up today. Find the clarity, direction, and confidence you need to move forward.

Questions? Email me and you’ll get the answer you need within 48 hours.