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I’m Stacey | brand Consultant & Professional Certified Coach

So you’re thinking about starting a business…

This can be one of the most exciting (and fear-inducing) times in your life. 

You wonder, where do I start? How do I know what to do first? How do I choose a business idea, let alone bring it into reality? 

And with managing a job, family, and other responsibilities and personal interests, it can seem even more daunting. Is there a way to start a business without it totally taking over your life?

    Does this sound familiar?

✓   You have a ton of business ideas but haven’t taken action on any of them.

✓   It’s your secret dream to run your own business, but you just don’t know where to start

✓   You wish you had a framework and process for seeing if your business idea will actually work

You can go from having an idea to making your business a reality

You want the autonomy and flexibility that comes from running a business, even if it comes with a $(*ton of responsibility. You want to do work that you enjoy and that reflects your skills and talents. You want to provide something to the world in your own unique way.

But you know that an idea alone is not enough.

You need a strategic process to follow, one that allows you to understand yourself and get clear on what you really want. A framework for setting up your business foundation in a way that best supports the work you want to do. And a clear actionable plan to bring your business into the world.

Your business dream is possible. Let’s make it happen.

    You can…

✓   Get clarity on your business idea and choose one.

✓   Build your business in a way that reflects your gifts and strengths and is aligned with your values.

✓   Set up your business foundation step-by-step on your own time.

✓   Take action to get your first paying clients.

              Hi, I’m Stacey.

I’m a business coach for purpose-driven solopreneurs who want to build a business to do what they love. 

I’ve helped solopreneurs just like you build business from scratch, and I can help you, too.

With my experience, MBA, and coaching techniques, I guide you through a process that will help you create a business that reflects who you are and allows you to do the work you love.

    The Package Details

    Though customized, 1:1 coaching, resources and exercises,
    I coach you through the framework of starting a business.


    Get clarity on your business idea. Whether you have many ideas or none, you’ll find the idea you want to bring to life.


    Define your business model. Set up your business in a way that works for you and best serves your clients.


    Understand your target market. Know your clients, what they need, and how you help.


    create, test, iterate, repeat. this is how you find your sweet spot of service offerings.


    Define your key marketing activities. see how to best market yourself to your clients.


    Understand the systems that will help your business run smoothly.


    Create an actionable plan. take steps now to get clients and launch your business.

    When you are complete, you’ll have the clarity, confidence, and action plan for success, including:


    • A clear business idea, one that you love and feel excited about bringing to life
    • the structure and foundation your business needs to be successful
    • an action plan to put your business out there and start getting clients

      My work with clients is guided by these core values:

      Alignment. It’s not enough to create and grow a business, you want to create a business that’s in alignment with who you are, so that you feel fulfilled in your work.

      Integrity. We take the whole person (You!) into account when building each aspect of your business, so it holistically supports you.

      Curiosity. Building a business from scratch is a personal development journey and one that requires a mindset of growth and curiosity.

      Get the clarity, structure, and support you need for a successful business.

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