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When you build self trust in your business, you develop the resilience and perseverance to weather any storm.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve likely learned how important it is to establish trust with your clients, but how much are you willing to trust yourself?

Stephen Covey in his book “The Speed of Trust” mentions that the first wave of trust is actually self-trust. He describes self-trust as the confidence we have in ourselves, in our ability to set goals, to keep commitments, to walk our talk, and to inspire trust in others. 

What is self-trust in business?

Self-trust is just as it sounds… the ability to trust yourself. When you trust yourself, you know you can handle whatever comes your way, to make sound decisions, and to figure it out.

In essence, self-trust means that no matter what, you can survive mistakes*, failures* and anything else that comes about, building your resilience and problem-solving abilities.
*mistakes and failures = learnings in disguise

Self-trust in business looks like:

  • Filtering other people’s advice to make sure it makes sense to you before acting on it
  • When you mess up or “fail” in some way, you know you can figure out what to do
  • When you hear the whisper of intuition, you trust it rather than dismiss it.

Not trusting yourself looks like:

  • Believing everyone is more of an expert than you and outsourcing your power
  • When you mess up or “fail,” you take it personally or throw in the towel.
  • Feeling like something feels “off”, but dismissing it and forging ahead anyway

Why self-trust is important in business

Self-trust in business is important because…

  • You follow the right path for you, not just the path that is prescribed to you by someone else.
  • Your decision-making becomes easier, because you know you can handle the results and pivot as necessary.
  • You feel more empowered and self-assured, because you’re not constantly second-guessing yourself.
  • You become a more resilient business owner, which often leads to a more successful business owner since many people just give up too early!

5 ways to build self-trust in your business

If you want to improve your sense of self-trust so you can build your resilience in your business, try these steps:

1. Commit to following your intuition for one whole day.

While, it may be difficult to find a whole day to do this, but it’s worth it if you can! Tune into your gut on decisions like when to wake up, what to eat, and what activities to do.

2. Run advice through your inner barometer.

Before implementing anyone else’s advice (yes, even advice from an expert!), tune into yourself and see how the advice feels to you. Allow your inner voice to weigh in: What is it saying?

3. Tap into your innate strength.

If fear is keeping you locked from making a decision on something, remind yourself that you can handle any outcome. You have the strength and power to do so. Then check back in to see if the decision proves easier.

4. Honor your gut instincts.

When something doesn’t quite sit right with you — like a prospective client who looks good on paper, but yet sets off alarm bells — honor that feeling versus trying to rush past it or dismiss it.

5. Keep your promises.

Keep your promises to yourself. Trust is a verb and requires action on your part. When you keep your promises to yourself, your self-trust strengthens over time. You can start small, by committing to the next right step and following through.

What it looks like to have self-trust in your business

When you develop a strong sense of self-trust in business, you don’t let every little thing knock you off your game. 

You stay the course. You trust yourself to handle what comes and make decisions as needed. 

Like tapping into your intuition, self-trust is a muscle.

We all have the innate power to do it, but building it requires practicing it on a regular basis. When we do, it strengthens over time.

Looking for more self-trust in your business?

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