Communicating your value is imperative to growing your business as a coach, creative, or healer.

You must be able to communicate why someone should work with you and what results you can provide in order to attract clients.

After all, your ideal clients may not be walking around thinking they need a coach or a creative or healer … They just know they have problems they want solved! 

And that’s why it’s so important for you as a business owner to know — in detail — what your ideal clients really want and how you can help them get that. 

Understanding your ideal clients is a key part of the process

In order to clearly speak to your ideal clients and communicate your value as a coach, you want to get clear on your ideal client. (If you’re not sure who your ideal client is or what they are looking for, then it’s time for some market research!

The goal is to know your client so well that you can articulate their perceived problems and desired solutions exactly as they say them. (And, it goes without saying, but you also want to ensure that your products and services map back to these problems and provide solutions!) 

Getting this wording just right is really important to connecting with your ideal clients, because once you can speak their language, they will want to hear more!

…but what you really want to understand is your ideal client’s desired results

Knowing the problems your client is experiencing and the solution they want is key. But you want to go above and beyond that. You want to be able to answer:

  • Why do my clients want these solutions? 
  • What will solving these problems help them actually do?
  • What will they be able to experience as a result of working with me?

The true value of your work lies in the results that your clients are able to experience, and that is why it’s the most important aspect of talking about your work.

Here’s an example of how a health coach may communicate her value:

A health coach might help a client whose main problem is low energy and fatigue. This coach may provide solutions like meal plans, group coaching, and an exercise program.

But the value she is providing goes beyond the meal plans, coaching, and exercise program. The true value lies in the results her clients experience from working together. These results may include things like more energy, better sleep, or improved health.

What clients buy is not your solution, but the result of that solution. And that’s why it’s so important to focus on that in your marketing, your copy, and especially in your sales conversations.  

But don’t miss this arguably most important aspect of communicating your value as a coach.

Communicate why you’re the one to help

This is often most ignored part of messaging work. People do the market research, understand their ideal clients, and put together a message, but they fail to make it their own.

They don’t share why people should choose to work with them. 

Think about it… Other coaches like you are also helping your ideal clients address the same problems and provide similar solutions.

So you need to be able to articulate what a potential client can experience from working with you specifically, as opposed to another person in your field. 

Do you want to be able to confidently communicate your value to your ideal clients?

Define a clear message that sounds like you and confidently explains why someone should work with you. Check out how we can work together to Magnetize Your Message.