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Build Your Brand,
Be Yourself

Business + Brand Coaching for
Coaches & Healers



Did you start a business to do what you love, only to find yourself dreading every minute of it?  

We often start a business because of what we don’t want…

  • We don’t want to do work that’s boring
  • We don’t want to have a nagging boss
  • We don’t want to be chained to a desk from 9-5

We decide that when we start a business, we will do so ON OUR OWN TERMS.

We’ll get to do the work we love to do! We’ll work only with clients we love! We’ll have so much freedom in our days!

But wait… is that actually happening?

It’s not uncommon in the early stages of business to find ourselves reverting to our old habits.

  • We do only the things we’re comfortable with or that fit inside the walls of “normal” (even if what we really love is just outside of our comfort zone)
  • We wait for permission from an expert or coach to tell us what to do when instead of following our own instinct
  • We sit at our desk for 10 hours a day or more, toiling away, only to burn out — just like at our old job!

The missing “U” in your business

The happiest business owners and entrepreneurs don’t know something you don’t… they simply have built their business around their own strengths, talents, goals, and preferences.

When you build your business around who you are and what you want, you set yourself up for loving your work.

Not only is this method more sustainable (because your business model is built on you and not some ever changing market trends), but it’s also more enjoyable!

So how do you put more “u” back in your business? Read on for some specific steps.

5 steps to do what you love and love what you do in your business:

1. Align your work with your values. Coaches talk about values all the time and the reason we do is because they are the guiding posts for your life. When your work is aligned with your values, you get your needs met, and you are happier — both in your life and your business. 

2. Work with people you like. In the beginning, it may seem like you need to take every client that passes by your proverbial door. But you don’t! When you decide to work only with the clients you love, you enjoy your work and clients get a better result. When clients get excellent results, they are more likely to give referrals.

3. Choose the problems you love to solve. Your business should solve a problem and one that you love to solve. (If you can’t figure out what problem you solve, you might want to go back to the drawing board.) If you don’t love the problem you solve, it’s time to figure out what you love to solve and build a service around that.

4. Set your workday up in the way that best serves you. Not a morning person? Don’t take your most important work in the morning. Want to take Mondays off? Figure out a way to do it. Want a 20 hour work week? Structure your business so that you can. Remember that you are the boss and you get to decide.

5. Choose the marketing activities you actually like. When you focus on what you enjoy, you show up consistently and people notice. Don’t do things just because they seem popular or work for a friend. Find the activities that you love and do those things.

When you love your business, it loves you back. You attract clients who love what you have to offer. Which in turn, allows you to do work you love.  

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