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“How do I find my coaching niche?”

It is a common question uttered by new coaches.

After all, you know that you need a niche, but you just can’t seem to settle on one. And besides, you want to serve everyone! You don’t want to exclude any potential clients or opportunities.

But the thing is, by serving everyone, you serve no one.

And when you get clear and commit to a niche, the universe responds in kind. You attract your dream clients more easily and naturally, and your business flows more seamlessly.

What happens when you coach without a niche

Trying to be everything to everyone is not a good marketing strategy, nor a good business strategy.

Think about it: wouldn’t you rather work with someone who served people specifically in your shoes versus a generalist who serves everyone? Of course! And so would your clients.

This is what happens when you try to serve everyone:

  • You don’t deeply understand your ideal client’s problems and desired solutions in enough detail. (It’s virtually impossible to understand everyone’s problems and desired solutions!)
  • You aren’t specific enough in your messaging or your marketing, so clients aren’t signing up for what you have to offer.
  • You struggle to create offers. You might spend a lot of time doing custom packages or one-off programs, and you struggle to create a signature offering that you’re known for.
  • You have trouble articulating your unique value to your potential clients.
  • You burn out, trying to serve all the people, all of the time.

Not niching down is a no-win game. One that can leave you frustrated and exhausted. And who wants that?

Why you need a niche 

When you choose a niche, you not only narrow in on your ideal client, you narrow your focus — so that you can spend time on the activities that are most profitable for you.

There are many reasons you want to choose a niche, but most importantly, it makes your life and business run so much more smoothly and easily!

8 things that happen when you choose a coaching niche:

1. You attract more of your ideal clients when you are willing to put a stake in the ground and claim that you serve them specifically.

2. Niching allows you to go deep and serve your target market better than you could if you were a generalist or just doing it part-time.

3. Niching gives you a focus. You have a specific person to think about when you write your emails, develop programs, and choose networking events. 

4. It makes it easier to explain what you do and makes marketing easier! You serve a very specific target audience, so you know where they hang out and what they want to hear about.

5. You can easily create and sell offers that make your ideal client say, “I can’t believe she knows exactly what I need. Sign me up!” 

6. You can charge more. You can charge a premium when you know your client, are deeply familiar with their struggles, and your services really fix their specific problems.

7. You can create better content — including blog posts, podcasts, and social media posts — that truly resonate with your ideal clients and attract more just like them. 

8. You become a known expert in your industry, and clients refer you to other clients just like them who need your services!

 So, you know you definitely want to niche. But how? And what’s holding you back?

Why you can’t find your niche

Many coaches and creatives have spent hours thinking about their niche.

You’ve likely brainstormed, asked for advice in Facebook groups, and maybe narrowed it down somewhat.

But after you’ve done a ton of market research and ideal client exercises, if you still struggle to find your niche, it’s likely a mindset issue.

Fear shows up in a lot of ways in our business, especially when it comes to making big decisions. Choosing a niche is a big decision! 

The word “decide” comes from a Latin root which means ‘cut’ or ‘kill. ‘ A decision, for instance, is a ‘cutting off’ all possibilities except for one; if you are decisive you have ‘killed’ all other options.

Sounds a little scary, doesn’t it: Killing off all the other potential clients out in the world to narrow in on this very specific set.

So it’s normal that you feel fear! And it’s important to consider the opportunities on the other side of that fear: Opportunities to serve more deeply.

To really carve out a space for yourself in a specific way. To be known as an expert in your chosen field. To get more clients and grow your business!

How to understand the real reason you’re not niching down

If you’re wondering if your reluctance to niche is rooted in fear, ask yourself. What’s preventing you from choosing a niche? What do you assume will happen when you do choose a niche?

Pay attention for any fear-based responses, like…

  • I’m afraid I won’t find enough clients.
  • I’m worried I won’t be able to do this other cool thing I want to do.
  • What if there is a better market opportunity in another niche?
  • What if no one hires me?
  • I’m worried it will limit my opportunities.

When you dig deeper to find the belief underlying a refusal or reluctance to niche, it’s often some form of “I won’t get what I need.”

 As a coach, you already know this, but you need to change that underlying belief before you can get what you need. The good news is, when you commit to a niche, a niche will commit to you!

Great! So how do I find my niche again? 

Instead of finding your niche, think about this more like uncovering your niche.

It’s highly likely that you already know your dream client: the person you love to serve and can serve better than any other client. 

Often your niche is right in front of you, but you simply can’t see it. It’s the person you’re already serving, the person you’re most excited about working with, the person who seeks you out, naturally.

5 questions to help you find your coaching niche

1. What problems do you love to solve? What types of challenges do you know you can help someone overcome?

2. Of all the people you could help, what types of people are you most excited to help? Who would you be thrilled to help?

3. What are the qualities or characteristics of the people that you have loved working with?

4. What types of people are a natural fit for what you have to offer?

5. What would make a potential client an automatic “YES” for you?

You choose a niche,and refine it over time. But start with what you know to be true and build on that.

Why you need to claim your coaching niche

It’s more than finding or choosing your niche. The real power comes from stepping into your power and claiming your niche.  Here’s how:

  1. Know it. Get clear on the clients you want to serve and the problems you want to solve. If you’re not sure, do some market research. But also, trust your gut.
  2. Claim it. Be brave enough to claim your niche. Put a stake in the ground and make a commitment. Be willing to decide and let the other options fall away.
  3. Declare it. Let the world know that this is who you serve and this is how you help. Make this clear everywhere you show up: your website, social media, coffee chats, networking events.

If, like many coaches, you’re worried about choosing the “wrong” niche, remember: Running a business is about learning and adapting as you go.  And just because you choose a niche doesn’t mean you can’t choose to work with people who fall outside of the realm of your ideal clients.

Still stuck on choosing a niche?

Choosing a niche sounds simple, but it’s not always easy. It requires a combination of soul-searching, fact-finding, and making a commitment. 

If you’re still struggling to figure out your niche, I can help. I’ve helped coaches + creatives just like you identify their niche and claim it, so they can attract their dream clients and grow their business.

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