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When it comes to marketing your coaching business, consistency is key.

To get consistent income, you need consistent clients. To get consistent clients, you need consistent marketing. That means you need to show up consistently over time.  Not one Facebook live. Not one webinar. Not one sales email. Doing these activities consistently over time is what will help you grow your business. But why is staying consistent so hard? And what can do you do to be more consistent in marketing your coaching business?

Why coaches + creatives struggle with being consistent

As solopreneurs, many coaches and creative struggle with consistency in their marketing. After all, you’re marketing and selling yourself, which can be a lot more anxiety-inducing then marketing another product or service! Showing up and putting yourself out there day after day can be a challenge, especially when you may not yet be seeing results. In the worst-case scenario, it can cause you to want to quit the very activities that can help you attract your dream clients. So what’s stopping you from being more consistent in your marketing?

7 reasons why you’re inconsistent in marketing your coaching business:

#1. You don’t see results right away. You take action, but you don’t think it’s working, so you lose motivation. When in truth, you really haven’t given it time to work. #2. You hate marketing in general. You find marketing to be fake, inauthentic, or outright skeezy and you just don’t want to be a part of it. [Note: You rarely can escape marketing when it comes to building your business!] #3. You fear putting yourself out there. Fear of being seen can debilitate the most qualified business owners and cause you to hide away in your shell, hoping clients will magically appear. #4. You don’t know how to talk about what you do. You stumble on your words and you can’t quite articulate what you do, so it either comes out sounding weird or you shy away from opportunities altogether. #5. You don’t know where to market your business and share your services. There are so many channels and so many ways to market your business, you get caught up in analysis paralysis and don’t take any action. #6. You set your standards so high you can’t reach them. (Perfectionist, anyone?) If you’re trying to post on Instagram 5x a day, email your clients once a week, and go live every day, you might fall short. When you fall short, you want to give up entirely. #7. You get caught up in comparisonitis. You go to post on Instagram only to see your competitor with a blue checkmark share a professional-grade video. Now you’re stuck and doubting the message you were hoping to share. 

It’s easy (and human) to be inconsistent. 

All your fears are going to come out when you start working for yourself. Fear of failure? There it is. Fear of being seen? Here, too. Fear of being wildly successful and famous? Yep, join the crowd. Marketing your business is unlike anything else. You are not just marketing a product or service that a company has told you to do. You are marketing YOU. So it’s natural to question yourself or want to hide out. But marketing is a key aspect of building a business, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. However, it is totally possible to change your mindset, your marketing strategies, and your habits to be more consistent and effective.

Ready to be more consistent with your marketing? This is what it takes. 

Staying consistent with marketing takes practice and commitment. It also takes grit and a dose of courage. So if you’re ready to be more consistent in your marketing and in your business, start here: #1. Connect to your end goal. To stay motivated to take consistent action, understand your intention. Ask yourself, why is this important to me? What do I hope to gain? Get clear on your goals. This will help you stay the course. #2. Reframe marketing. Marketing is simply putting yourself out there so your ideal clients can find you. You have a service to offer. Your service can benefit clients. It is a disservice to not share that with people who need what you have.   #3. Practice small acts of courage. Small acts of courage help you build your confidence. Whether it’s going Live on social, making an offer to a potential client who could use your service or asking for the sale, practice these small acts of courage. With every action, no matter how small, take a moment to reward yourself.  #4. Learn how to talk about what you do in ways that make your clients say, “I need that thing!” A clear message helps you communicate the value of your work in a way that makes clients take note. Take the guesswork out of talking about your work. Get a clear message today.  #5. Take focused, strategic action on a few key activities. It’s not about being everything to everyone. It’s about honing in on your ideal clients and reaching them where they are. This all starts with understanding your ideal client and choosing the most effective 2-3 marketing activities to reach them. #6. Create sustainable habits that work for you. Just because an expert told you that you needed to post on social every day or email your list once a week doesn’t mean you have to. (You’re the boss, remember?) Replace consistency with sustainability. When you build habits that you can stick to, you feel better about yourself and when you feel better, you’re more likely to continue to do it! #7. Create before comparing. Everyone who is in business had a Day 1 and a Year 1. What seems like overnight success may have been years in the making. (Fun fact: Marie Forleo, took 5 years to build her business as a side gig!) So remember to keep your eyes on your own page, and focus on creating not comparing yourself to others. 

What happens when you do your marketing consistently

When you are consistent in marketing your coaching business, you’ll see the results. Consistent action equals consistent results.

What can you do to be more consistent in your marketing today?

It’s much easier to be consistent with your marketing when you are doing marketing activities that you love and that reflect your strengths.

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