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Knowing how to pivot your business is a key skill to learn that you can use anytime conditions change.

While COVID-19 is threatening the lives — and livelihoods — of millions, it’s easy to get sucked into thinking that this means the end for your business. 

But that’s not necessarily true, unless you have chosen to throw in the towel.

As more individuals and businesses move online, they may need your online services now more than ever. Now is a great time to see how you can pivot your business to optimize your services to meet your client’s needs.

Give them what they need — and what you’re excited to provide

The most important thing right now is to offer services that your clients need. And of course, they should be services that you enjoy and are skilled at providing. (This is part of having an aligned business, pandemic or not).



 An aligned service is a combination of what your clients need,  what you’re skilled at providing, and what you love doing.

There are lots of ways to get clients, and many of the same methods you already use are still effective at this time — some channels even more so.

Now is an opportune time to get creative with your business and offerings. Being flexible and able to pivot your small business (quickly!) gives you a strategic advantage in the marketplace and allows you to serve your clients where they are. 

3 ideas how you can pivot your business to meet the needs of your clients

If your current offerings aren’t selling, not all is lost. Even slight modifications to what you offer or who you serve can make the difference in staying afloat and even being successful right now. (Side note: there is no shame in being successful as long as you are acting in integrity with yourself and your clients.)

#1: Pivot your offer. 

Right now, clients are buying only what they *think* they need. (Keyword here is “think.” Thinking isn’t always rational. Read: stockpiling toilet paper.)

Get into the heads of your clients. What do they say they need? (If you’re not sure, do a little market research on the topic.)

You might find you can scale down a larger offer, create a mini package, or develop a new offer altogether.

Short-term, highly effective, easily implementable offers are likely to perform best at this time.

#2: Pivot your ideal client. 

You already serve your clients packages that they love and want to buy. There may be other types of clients who need what you offer to your ideal client.

For example, if you normally offer marketing for coaches, how could you use the marketing skills to help other types of online, brick and mortar, or local businesses?

Look at your skillsets and assess what other types of clients may need those exact services during this time.

#3: Pivot the way you serve your clients. 

If you’ve been serving in person, now is the time to move online. If you’ve been doing 1:1 work, consider offering group programs.

Whether it’s an online course, a small group program, or a digital guide, you can repackage what you’ve been doing in a different format.

Your newly packaged offerings can give your clients a lower price point while providing you more income, and in some cases, passive revenue streams.

Disclaimer: When you pivot your business, don’t pivot everything all at once.

Assess all of your options to determine what is the “lowest hanging fruit” before you pivot your business. Go with the most obvious and easily implementable solution so you don’t lose a lot of time. Choose one, create it, market it, test and measure the results.

The opportunity is there if you’re willing to pivot. 

Running your own business or being a solopreneur means being able to roll with the punches and be flexible.

The good news is, especially for a multi-passionate entrepreneur, this is an opportunity to get creative, use a variety of your skill sets, and serve your clients in the way they most need.

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