Build Your Brand, Be Yourself

Business + Brand Coaching for
Coaches & Healers

Build Your Brand,
Be Yourself

Business + Brand Coaching for
Coaches & Healers


If you run an online business, you know how important your message is and how equally destructive it can be if your message is missing the mark.

A clear message is a difference between…

  • A prospective client reading your sales page and clicking “buy it now!” versus leaving your website within milliseconds.
  • A networking conversation with someone who thinks, “Wow, she really understands me!” versus her eyes glazing over and tuning out entirely.
  • A social media follower signing up to work with you or signing up to work with your competitor.

Your words matter. They either attract or repel your ideal clients. And obviously, you want it to attract clients and grow your business. So how do you know if your message is missing the mark?

These 18 signs indicate your message is missing the mark

1. People don’t understand what you do after reading your home page.

2. Clients who sign up to work with you aren’t your ideal clients.

3. You aren’t attracting ANY clients despite putting yourself out there.

4. You see your ideal clients signing up to work with your competitors, despite knowing about you.

5. Your marketing efforts are falling flat (i.e., social media and paid ads aren’t performing).

6. You can’t confidently and concisely explain in one sentence what you do. 

7. You get quizzical looks when you introduce yourself at networking events.

8. People have mentioned that your title doesn’t really match what you do. 

9. When someone asks you what you do, you clam up or stumble on your words.

10. Despite following you for some time, your followers or newsletter subscribers still aren’t sure what you do.

11. You can’t explain on a sales call why someone should hire you.

12. You still don’t know what to call yourself.

13. You have a  what-I-do statement but it doesn’t feel or sound like you.

14. When pressed to talk about the end results of working with you, you get tongue-tied.

15. The words you’re using to sell your services aren’t words that your clients are using.

16. You introduce yourself one way on Instagram, another on your website, and yet another in person.

17. You don’t feel confident when talking about what you do.

18. You struggle when writing about your business or your services.

You can create a clear, compelling message that attracts your clients

The first step in solving the problem is defining the problem.

When it comes to your message, it’s worth the time it takes to create a clear, concise, compelling statement — one that authentically reflects you and resonates with your dream clients.

When you use the right words, in the right way, you attract the right clients for you.

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