3 step process to setting 2019 goals

Have you set any goals or intentions for 2019?

If you haven’t, don’t worry. There’s no rule about having it done by January 1st.

If you’re not into setting goals or intentions, I encourage you to think about them in a different way.

I’ve heard from clients several reasons they’re reticent to set goals:

  • They fear they might not achieve them (and so it’s easier not to set them in the first place)
  • They want to leave space for magic (and planning things out seems antithetical)
  • They don’t know how to to set goals in a useful, meaningful way
  • They don’t have a big picture vision of what they want

With goals come fears

Many people don’t want to set goals (or specific goals) because of fear of some type, and this is a totally normal thing. But consider this:

  • Studies show that you’re likelier to achieve something when you write it down.
  • Not achieving your goal does not = failure. It equals learning to refine your goal to make it achievable for you.
  • You can have a plan and still leave space for magic to happen. In fact, once you set a clear intention, you see more opportunities and possibilities and can act on them.

So be willing to put your goals out there and make them real, even if it feels scary.

My 3 step process

After years of trying a lot of other people’s method of planning that just didn’t work for me, I decided to create my own process: A way that allows for 3 main phases: imagining, planning, and action.

Here’s my process and if you try it, I’d love to hear what you think.

Disclaimer: Remember, envisioning what you want and how you’ll get it should be fun and exciting. If you feel the voices of fear, failure, doubt, and anxiety, creep in… tell them to sit this one out while you envision your future.

Step 1: Visioning.

You don’t need to be one of those people who meditates for an hour and walks away with an exact vision of what you want for your business one year from now (or if that’s you — amazing!)

But you DO want to create time to think about what you want for your business this year; in terms of the tangible and intangible.

If you’re not quite sure what you want, use these questions to get the creative juices flowing:

  1. What do you most want to experience in your business?
  2. What milestones do you want to reach?
  3. What impact do you want to create?
  4. What do you most want to learn?
  5. How do you most want to feel about and in your business?

Step 2: Strategy.

Next, we move out of envisioning and put your pen to paper. In order to come up with a strategy or a plan, ask yourself, “What do I need to believe/think/do in order to make the above happen?”

Use these questions as a guide:

  1. How do you need to show up in your business for these things to happen?
  2. What actions do you need to take?
  3. What regular habits do you need to cultivate?
  4. In what areas do you need to ask for help or guidance?
  5. What resources can help you through this process?

Step 3: Action.

Actions follow naturally from your strategy, because the next question is: What specifically will I do and when will I do it?

This is where you spell out the exact actions you want to take and when you’ll take them. (Bonus points if you then calendar these dates or put them as tasks in your Asana to stay accountable!)

  1. What specific actions will you take?
  2. When will you take them?
  3. How will you know when you’re complete?
  4. How will you measure your success?
  5. When will you revisit your strategy and look at your results?

Step 4: Measure & Adjust.

Take time to check in on your goals once a quarter to see if you’re staying on track, examine what’s working and what’s not, and make any necessary adjustments.

Ask yourself:

  1. Am I fulfilling the actions I committed to? Why or why not?
  2. What have been the results of my action (or inaction) to this point?
  3. How close am I to my success metric?
  4. What needs to be adjusted to make this work?
  5. What’s not working that I want to stop doing?

Commitment and patience are the key

The above steps give you a framework to take you through visioning through strategy and into action.

But your key step is ensuring that you follow through, stay the course, and keep your energy up.

When you can keep your big vision in mind daily WHILE taking action, you move closer to your dream over time and can see real progress on your goals and intentions.

Want to talk more about your big business vision and goals for 2019? Sign up for a complimentary consultation and see how coaching can help.