Free Quiz: Discover the Best Way to Market Your Business

Many coaches and healers wonder: What is the best way to market my business?

The truth is that the best way to market yourself as a coach or healer is to use your natural strengths. Not only does this make marketing your services easier, it also makes it more fun! (And as you know, we tend to be good at the things we like doing!)

There are so many ways to market:

Social media, podcasts, speaking gigs, collaborations, networking, blogging, videos…

So how do you know which are your best ways to market your business?

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to use all the marketing channels in your business. The key is to choose a few key marketing activities that you can do consistently over time that will help you grow your business and attract new clients.

This free marketing quiz will reveal the best ways to market your business — based on your own unique strengths.

At the end of this marketing quiz, your results will include 3 tangible things you can start doing *today* to market your business.

Ready to discover your best ways to market your business? Take this quiz to find out!