Show Up & Shine

A 4-week program for heart-centered introverts, HSPs, and empaths
who want to show up online with confidence and ease

opens March 1, 2021

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Welcome introvert, highly-sensitive, and empath entrepreneurs!

Are you ready to…

  • Feel more natural and comfortable showing up online and sharing about your business
  • Consistently show up online without draining your time and energy
  • Authentically grow your audience, network more easily, and connect with potential clients 

If so, you’re in the right place!


Tell me… does this sound familiar?


As a business owner, you’re the face of your business. You know you need to show up in order to build your audience and get clients, whether that’s on social media, live videos, blog posts, or on consult calls. 

You also have dreams of stepping up your game and eventually building a course, starting a YouTube channel, or hosting a webinar.

The only problem is, you struggle when it comes to being seen in your business. You feel self-conscious, don’t know what to say, and get discouraged by the competition. You’re hiding out, not standing out. You know you’re leaving opportunities, clients, and money on the table.

If only you could wave a magic wand…

What you really want is to feel a sense of confidence and ease when it comes to showing up online.

You want to be authentically yourself while connecting with others.

You want to write and talk about your business without feeling a pang of anxiety or getting caught up in comparisonitis.

You’re ready to stop hiding out and start putting yourself out there.

You’re ready to post on social, talk about your business, and even go live…all while feeling energized and aligned with the message you’re sharing.


It’s your time to SHINE.

It’s time to finally get out of your own way and stop losing out on potential clients and opportunities.
Time to start showing up consistently, authentically, and confidently, so you can grow your audience and your business.

Show Up & Shine is a 4-week small group program for introverts, highly-sensitive, and empath entrepreneurs
who are ready to stop hiding and start showing up with confidence and ease in their business. 

Hi, I’m Stacey, the founder of Create Coaching & Consulting

There are a lot of experts and extroverts out there telling you to put yourself out there and “just do it.” Well, the truth is… this approach doesn’t work for everyone.
As an introvert, empath, and HSP myself, I know how challenging it can be to put yourself out there, even though you know you should be doing it to grow your business.

Through my coaching certification, MBA, and branding and marketing expertise, I’ve helped my clients effectively manage both the internal and external aspects of showing up as their best self in their business. I’d love to help you, too.

I know that it takes a combination of mindset, strategy, energy, and aligned action to go from hiding out to truly being seen in your business. If I can do it, I know that you can, too.

In Show up & Shine, I will provide guidance, tips, strategies, and resources, along with a safe space and community for you to learn and grow, so you can show up as your best self in your business.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you enroll in Show Up & Shine

This program was created for introvert entrepreneurs like you who want to stop hiding out and stalling out, and instead show up and let your  best self shine through.  Show Up & Shine will help you do just that.

Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover:

Module 1: Mindset

  • Identify limiting beliefs that are getting in your way
  • Address imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and fear of judgment
  • Develop a more self-supportive mindset

You will: Become aware of your thoughts and learn how to get out of your own way, so you can show up authentically and confidently.

Module 2: Alignment

  • Find the flow when creating content
  • Know what to do when you don’t want to do it
  • Learn to trust yourself and your expertise

You will: Learn how to more easily create and share content that connects with your potential clients.

Module 3: Strategy

  • Define topics that resonate with your audience
  • Develop your personalized plan
  • Streamline the process with tools and strategies

You will: Understand what to post about and develop an action plan, so that you can be strategic and effective with your time.

Module 4: Energy 

  • Manage your energy to avoid burnout
  • Find a sustainable rhythm
  • Hold yourself accountable

You will: Learn how to proactively manage your energy so you can avoid burnout, stay consistent, and follow through.

Here’s what you’ll get in Show Up & Shine:

Show Up & Shine is a small group program created for the introvert, highly-sensitive, and empath entrepreneurs with your needs in mind.

The small, private group structure helps ensure that you get personalized guidance and support without feeling overwhelmed. You’ll also learn from and be supported by like-minded individuals throughout the process. You’ll get live, real-time access to me throughout the process.

The 4-week program will contain:

  • 4 Weekly LIVE Lessons 

You’ll get live weekly group lessons with me so I can support you on your path and give you what you need in real time. I encourage everyone to join live so you can get the most out of it, but there will also be a replay available if you can’t make a call.

  • 4 Weekly Q&A Sessions

Our weekly live Q&A sessions with me will ensure you get your questions answered and benefit from hearing the questions of others.

  • 4 Weekly Homework Assignments

Weekly homework assignments will help you process the lesson material, understand your personal experience, and discover tangible ways you can move forward.

  • Membership in a Private Facebook Group 

The private Facebook group offers community accountability, feedback, and support. I’ll be present in this group daily to answer any questions and provide additional support.

  • A Private Coaching Session 

You’ll get a private coaching session with me, a certified professional coach and brand strategist. We’ll discuss your personal situation, and you can ask questions and get my support, so you can make progress even faster.


When you sign up for Show Up & Shine, you’ll finally get out of your own way, stop doubting yourself, and stop the cycle of energetic burnout.
You’ll feel more confident and comfortable putting yourself out there, and know what it takes to be consistent. You’ll be able to show up and make connections that will help you grow your business.
Some results you might experience from Show Up & Shine include:

  • Finding it easier to share on social media about your business
  • Feeling more comfortable engaging with your audience on FB or IG Lives
  • Finding a sense of flow when writing content on social media or your blog
  • Feeling more confident when talking to others about your business
  • Feeling more aligned and energized about your business
  • Being able to do the things you need to do to grow your business!

This program is for you if…

  • You’re an introvert, HSP, or empath (or any combo of the above!)
  • You have a service-based business
  • You burnout easily or avoid showing up online, but you know you need to do it for your business
  • You’re ready to try a different approach and you’re committed to your success

Ready to get started?


You can go from hiding out and feeling nervous about putting yourself out there to
feeling confident, knowing you have something of value to share, and being excited to finally share it.

Read what other clients have said about working with me.


As a business owner, I had been struggling with life-changing business decisions. Working with Stacey, I was able to get clarity quickly. Stacey’s coaching style is thoughtful, perspective, and direct. She has the gift of hearing what is not being said and eliciting very deep insights.

—Kathleen R., Coach & Consultant

Stacey created space to explore my motivation and desires holistically as opposed to just jumping in right away to creating a box to fit myself into.  After each call I walked away with actionable items that helped me clarify and refine my purpose and message in a way that was authentically me and unencumbered. I cannot recommend Stacey enough, and I hope to work together again!

— Jean M., Career Coach

It became clear that I missed a deeper connection and Stacey challenged my thinking. She worked with me, but didn’t change my style so that the “me” is there, but much stronger. Those changes had such a big impact to create an even stronger connection with my audience.

–Ann K., Expat Coach


Frequently asked questions

Is this program for me?

Show up & Shine is for service-based solopreneurs who are the face and voice of their business and who want to show up as their best selves in their business. The program will help you go from hiding out and questioning yourself to showing up and shining in your business, while feeling authentic and confident.

What results can I expect to see?

Upon completion of this program, you can expect to find it easier to post content on social media, write blog posts, show up on live video, and speak about your business in networking and client-facing conversations.

How do I know this program will work for me?

I developed this program for business owners like you in mind. Each module is created to address the various aspects that come into play when showing up online: your mindset, your alignment, your strategy, and your energy. You’ll know what it takes to show up with confidence in your business — while being yourself.

How is this different from other programs?

There are many programs out there that show you what content to create and what to share on Instagram. But they don’t talk about the inner aspects of showing up: Having the right mindset, being aligned with your message, and managing your energy. This program covers it all, and gives you a strong foundation to show up powerfully and consistently in your business.

Will I get direct access to you?

Yes! You will get direct access to me. I’m teaching all the lessons live, and the small group format will give you time and space to ask questions and get feedback. I’ll be in the Facebook group daily. And you’ll get a bonus 1:1 coaching session with me to address any of your personal concerns.

Can I do this work on my own?

It’s often difficult to do this work your own without the help of a trained coach. Working with a coach helps you see what’s not always obvious, uncover any mindset blocks, and create strategies to support yourself. You get the benefit of working with a trained coach and a brand marketing strategist so you get access to both mindset and strategic help.

What about accountability?

Accountability is built into the program with weekly homework lessons. You’ll get support inside the private Facebook group. You’ll also have the option of choosing an accountability partner for the duration of the program.

How much time can I expect to spend on this program?

The weekly live lessons, weekly Q&As, and homework should take about 3 hours per week.

Will this work for me?

If you are committed to this process and take the steps, you will leave the program feeling more powerful and confident when showing up in your business. You’ll also have your personalized plan of action to implement, so that you can stay consistent even after the program ends.

What if I still have questions?

If you still have questions, you can sign up for a complimentary consultation, no strings attached.