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What is the best way to use social media for coaches, anyway?

Be honest, do you have a love-hate relationship with social media?

Or maybe even just a hate relationship with social media?

It’s not uncommon for highly sensitive and introverted entrepreneurs to have a distaste for social media.

I hear it all the time from clients and business friends: Social media is too draining. It’s triggering. It’s too much pressure.

Look, I’ve been there. I’m an introvert and highly sensitive person. I’ve completed the show up – burnout cycle a few times before finding another way.

It’s not surprising that many coaches and healers choose to get off social media altogether.

But is it the right decision for your business? Let’s examine the issue so you can make the best decision for you.

Why social media is challenging for introverts and highly sensitive entrepreneurs

Clearly, social media has the power to elicit a powerful response! With any emotional response, there is often an underlying trigger.

Some of the most common triggers people experience from social media include:

To be clear, these are things we *all* experience in business from time to time, but for some people, social media exacerbates them.

To add fuel to the fire, social media can make us feel like we have to be “on” all the time (not a good feeling for us introverts and HSPs), and that can cause burnout.

If you experience this when you’re scrolling, you’re definitely not alone. But is the answer to get off social media altogether?

The pros and cons of using social media for coaches

When you look at social media as something you have to do, and that you must to every day, it’s not going to feel good, and you’re not going to want to do it. (Who would?!)

But when you look at social media as a platform that allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people around the world — potential clients, collaborators, and business besties — as well as share your message and your impact, you might think differently.

There is a lot of opportunity on social media, and just like anything else, it requires you to tap into that opportunity and to use it in the way that works best for you.

No matter what marketing strategies you use, time and energy is required. It takes time to search optimize your website, to start a podcast, to become known as a speaker. It can take time to find your flow and following on social as well. 

But if the only reason you’re avoiding social media is because you’re feeling bad, it’s time to take a deeper look at what’s going on beneath the surface.

Changing your relationship with social media for your coaching business

Of course, if you want to get off social media for your business, it’s your choice. You’re the boss and you get to do whatever the F you want!

But many times people don’t exactly want to get off social media; instead what they truly want is:

  • To spend less time on social 
  • To not get triggered by others 
  • To not feel pressured or stressed 
  • To experience true connections and  find clients 

Picture this: Spending a short amount of time on social media, being intentional with that time, feeling inspired while doing it, and connecting with your audience in your own way. Now what would THAT feel like?

All of these things are possible, and it starts with being open to changing your relationship with social media. 

Like anything, using social media is all about the energy we bring

It’s important to remember that social media is just like anything else in life. It is all about the ENERGY you put in. (Recognize that I didn’t say “time”!)

By energy, I mean the feeling that you bring when you show up.

When you feel truly aligned with what you have to share, are confident in the value you provide, and realize that whatever happens doesn’t have to mean anything about you personally, everything changes.

You show up with more freedom, feel a greater sense of ease and confidence, and  ENJOY it!

To truly change the energy in which you show up (on social and otherwise!):

1. Start by developing a strong healthy mindset and know your worth. When you know your value isn’t dependent on social media, the stakes don’t matter. You’re good no matter what, and this is extremely freeing!

2. Be very clear and intentional about why you’re on any platform and stay aligned with that intention every time you go on. For example, if your intention is to truly connect with others, make sure you are actually engaging with people when you’re showing up.

3. Practice good time management by being purposeful about how long and how often you will go on and what you do there. This lessens the likelihood of you getting sucked down the rabbit hole!

4. Create a clear, cohesive content strategy for showing up on social media. Even if you’ve got the mindset and energy down, you need to know what to say to  engage with your audience.

5. Proactively manage your energy, so that you can show up consistently on your terms, without burning out. When you put these strategies in place ahead of time, it’s like knowing there’s a life vest available before you jump in.

You can find a way to use social media for your coaching business that feels good

What would it be like to use social media as a tool for your business: one that allows you to truly connect, share your message, get clients, and have fun in the process? 

What if you could feel empowered and energized, knowing you have a clear strategy and energy management plan in place — so that you won’t burnout ever again?

What if showing up on social could work FOR you and not against you?

This is all possible for you.

If you’re ready to experience this new way of getting visible — not only on social, but in all aspects of your business — you’re in luck!

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