Create your brand.
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Brand strategy + coaching
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Create your brand.
Clarify your message.
Make an impact.

Brand strategy + coaching for
purpose-driven entrepreneurs




Part of starting or growing a business (and growth in general!) requires doing uncomfortable things. 

Whether it’s new, scary, or just boring and tedious (invoices, sigh), these things need to get done in order to be a professional, high-functioning individual and business owner.

Not only does it help you move your business forward, when you get practice with doing uncomfortable things, you build your confidence and your self-belief so that you’re willing and able to tackle even bigger things in the future!

So how can you tackle your challenging to-dos without literally banging your head against a brick wall? 

While you might never learn to love taxes, paperwork, cold calls, or networking, you can learn to hate them *less* and possibly even enjoy the process.

Here are 5 tactics for doing uncomfortable things in your business (and beyond): 

1. Change your energy.

Instead of dreading the time you’ll have to spend doing *the thing you hate*, get into the energy of how it would feel to have accomplished this thing and what it means for you.

You pay bills so you can be financially responsible. You invoice your clients so you get paid.  You post on social because it gets your message into the world. 

Imagine: How does it feel to be that financially responsible, money-making, business owner with dream clients? I’m guessing it feels pretty magical. Get into that magical energy and remember that this task is part of your journey, and so, part of the magic.

2. Tap into your why.

I say this a lot to clients or anyone who is suffering from being stuck and unable to move forward. Go back to your why.

Why are you doing this activity in the first place? What purpose does it serve? What purpose do YOU serve? How does this task contribute to you serving the world in your unique way?

In fact, for everything you do, ask “why” before you start. This not only helps you connect to the purpose behind it, but also gives you a sense of focus and direction. Know why you’re sending that email or sharing that message — and know what you want to achieve by doing it.

3. Notice the resistance.

Resistance is a totally normal response to things that make us uncomfortable. In fact, it’s often a form of fear. (See more from Steven Pressfield on this topic.)

Resistance to taking a necessary action in our business often manifests in situations where there is an underlying fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being seen, or impostor syndrome.

Question your resistance. Is it really fear that’s holding you back? And, if so, what fear is it? Can you feel the fear and do it anyway, knowing that the action is aligned with your higher purpose?

4. Let go of what’s not aligned.

It’s possible the resistance you feel isn’t fear, but is actually telling you that something’s not right for you.

Is this thing you’re avoiding contributing to your higher purpose or goals? If not, there’s a possibility it’s simply misaligned with your strategy.

Question it. Ask yourself where you want to be five years from now. Will this thing (possibly) help you get there? Or is it distracting you from getting there?

If it’s a distraction or doesn’t seem to fit in with your vision AND it serves no other purpose, maybe it’s time to let it go. (Note: It’s super helpful to talk this one through with someone else so you can get out of your head and get some additional perspective!)

5. Break it down.

If you’ve gone through the above questions, and the dreaded item on your list is aligned with what you want, but you’re still procrastinating? It could be because whatever “it” is, it’s simply too big to digest. Here’s what you can do:

  • Break the task down into small manageable tasks that take an hour to accomplish.
  • Put the mini-tasks in order.
  • Then tackle the first step.
  • Move to the next.
  • **Bonus points if you set up a reward for yourself when you’ve finished!

So instead of resisting or procrastinating or suffering through the thing you don’t want to do, try these tips instead. You might find when you get aligned with the energy and the purpose behind what you’re doing, things flow more easily.

If you try these steps and you’re still stuck and you’re not sure why, get on a free call with me to dig deeper and identify what’s going on and how you can move forward.