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Create your brand.
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Brand strategy + coaching for
purpose-driven entrepreneurs



Nothing creates inner distress and wavering self-confidence like launching a new business, product or program. In fact, when you start anything new, you’re likely to experience some jitters and worries like, “Will this work?” “Will anyone care?” and “What if I make a fool of myself?”

While there is no way to totally eradicate these thoughts, developing a strong sense of self-belief (i.e., trusting yourself and your abilities) can help you put your worries in perspective and move forward in spite of them.

Strengthening your self-belief can result in a feeling of inner peace and resiliency, knowing that you can handle anything that comes up.

Self-belief vs. self-confidence

Most of us would love more confidence when it comes to doing things that are new or uncertain.

But confidence can fluctuate: it shows up when we’re doing something we’re good at, but goes away when something is unfamiliar.

It’s not always easy to just “feel more confident” when it comes to entering a totally new arena.

You may not have 100% confidence that for sure it will work out. That’s where self-belief comes in. If you possess a strong sense of self-belief, you trust in your ability to deal with the outcome, no matter what happens.

Here are 9 ways to strengthen your sense of self belief and feel ready to move forward:

1. Realize that you already have within you the power to accomplish it. We often wait for someone else to give us permission to do the thing we really want to do. But why do we give up our power? You have the ability to give yourself permission at any point in time.

2. Trust in your ability to figure it out. One of my favorite quotes from Marie Forleo is “everything is figureoutable.” It may take time, a change in perspective, or openness to another outcome. But if you find yourself stuck on a specific problem, remind yourself that you can figure it out.

3. Remind yourself of how you’ve made it through tough times in the past. Sometimes it’s helpful to create a list of all of your past achievements. This reminds you that you’ve survived and thrived through difficult times. And you can handle this as well.

4. Failure is nothing to fear. It may sound cliche, but each time we fail, we learn and grow. In fact, failure is necessary in order for true growth. (Most entrepreneurs know — and have experienced this.) Instead of letting the fear of failure stop you from trying, embrace failure as a part of the process.

5. Start listening to your intuition. Realize that deep inside, you know what you need at any given time. Instead of listening to society and others who tell you what to do, try tuning in to your inner voice and making decisions from that place.

6. Realize you get to choose. While we can’t choose everything that happens to us, we can always choose how we respond. If something doesn’t work out exactly the way you planned, realize you get to choose what you do next.

7. Start thinking that the universe is in your favor.  What if you knew you were being supported? Knowing that the universe is “on your side” and that you will be guided allows you to trust and have faith.

8. Remember that no one offers exactly what you do. You have a blend of skills + talents + passions + personality that makes you unique in the world. There’s no need to compare yourself to someone else. We all have gifts, and you gain more by focusing on your strengths instead of your weaknesses.

9. Remind yourself that everything is temporary. Whether you’re going through a high or low point, the same is true — This too shall pass. Embrace your current situation for what it is and know that you can handle it.

Self-belief is like a muscle. If you weren’t born with it, you can learn to strengthen it by constantly reminding yourself that you are a resourceful and capable person, and can manage whatever arises. Knowing that, how will you choose to address your next challenge?

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