feel stuck

When you feel stuck, it can be debilitating. You don’t know what path to take, or even that there are paths that exist that you can take.

Most times when we feel this way, it’s an indicator that we have outgrown a certain situation. When we finally realize what it is we don’t want or are no longer able to tolerate in our lives, it becomes unbearable.

When we realize what we don’t want, we immediately focus on what it is we do want. We feel the pressure to figure it out immediately. And we expect whatever it is to be imminently and glaringly clear to us. (And to happen, like, rightnow.)

But true lasting growth doesn’t happen overnight.

Growth is a process

If you currently feel stuck or confused, reassure yourself that this is normal in times of growth. It is natural and even necessary to the process. Without the unbearable weight of being stuck, you wouldn’t need to make a change.

So you basically have two choices. You can consciously choose to stay in the frustrated confused state you are today, while having the awareness that this is not the situation for you. (Ugh.)

Or, you can decide to embark on a journey to getting unstuck and finding your path (i.e., a path of growth.)

Uncovering your stones

Think of growth as continually uncovering stones until you uncover the ones that feel right to you.

You might not uncover the right stones right away. You might uncover a stone and think it’s right for you, only to later learn that, no, that wasn’t right either.

You may search and search for a long period of time before you uncover what it is you’re looking for. In fact, you might not find what you’re looking for until you’ve completely given up searching. (Funny how that works!)

Growth means coming face to face with the fear and uncertainty that arises during the journey. It means sitting with your discomfort and questioning it: Does this mean it’s not right for you? Or maybe it is right for you, but something is getting in the way (read: fear)?

But the sometimes lengthy, often frustrating, soul-shaking process of growth shouldn’t deter you from taking the journey.

There’s no fast track

We cannot rush the process. The process takes it natural time. Whether it aligns with our personal timeline or not doesn’t matter; It’s not really up to us.

In fact, if you automatically assume the driver’s seat and start making the commands, you may find you’ve already lost sight of the way.

Instead of trying to think your way through the process, try to feel it. Follow the sparks and the curiosity and the fun and the passion. Follow the energy and the flow and the inspiration. Stay open to what shows up —  without judgment — and honor yourself through the process, at every stage.

So if you feel stuck, realize it won’t last forever. If you are in a rush to figure things out, know that you eventually will. In the meantime, I invite you to embrace the journey, in all of it’s glory.

Embracing the journey

You can choose to be grateful that you feel stuck. It’s going to lead to big changes for you, if you let it.

You can embrace the journey. Embrace the exciting parts of learning new things, the disappointments of things not working out. Embrace the parts in between where you feel like nothing is happening. It is those times that can become the most challenging and gut-wrenching.

Eventually, you will be ready to make a choice.

If you choose to take the road less traveled, and decide that you will pursue the life that you love (even if it feels scary), you will take one massive step forward — toward happiness, more fulfillment, a sense of purpose, an inner peace.

But be patient with yourself in the meantime, and trust that things will fall into place when they are meant to. And when all else fails, know that you have already inside you all the ingredients it takes to get there.


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