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Wondering why you need to be more visible in your coaching business?

If you’ve been in business for any number of months, you’ve probably been told at least once, “You need to get more visible!”

But what does it really mean to be more visible in your business? And how can you do it in a way that works for you?

In this post, you’ll learn what visibility means, why visibility is important in business, and how to find visibility strategies that work for you. 

What it means to “be visible” in your business

When we start a business, it’s really easy to think that all we need to do is declare our business to family and friends, put up a website, and wait for leads to come in.

But it doesn’t work this way!

Even though a website is super important to attracting and converting clients, a website alone — especially at the beginning — can’t do all the heavy lifting of bringing clients your way.

That’s why you need to be visible in your business, meaning: proactively get in front of a larger audience so you can connect with more clients and grow your business.

The importance of visibility in business

It’s no secret that the coaches and healers who put themselves out there attract the biggest audience.

They show up consistently, get known for something, and build an audience over time, while attracting and signing more clients.

That’s why being visible is so important! It can help you grow your business much faster.

Here’s what visibility does for you in your business:

  • Helps you get exposure to a larger audience 
  • Builds your brand awareness, so that people know who you are and how you help 
  • Establishes your credibility and expertise 
  • Allows you to reach and sign more ideal clients
  • Connects you to opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise 

The truth is, people won’t know you exist unless you put yourself out there!

And your ideal clients, the ones you truly want to serve, are just waiting for you to show up.

Common issues that arise when getting more visible in business

Now, if getting visible was easy, you wouldn’t be reading this post! 

Being more visible in your business requires putting yourself out there. It requires the confidence, a clear strategy, and consistent action.

Increasing your visibility in your business requires as multifaceted approach, including:

  • Mindset. Getting visible requires that you know your worth and you are willing to show up, no matter what happens. Mindset work includes addressing things like perfectionism, impostor syndrome, and self-doubt.
  • Strategy. You want to identify what activities will give you the most traction and define how you will use those strategies to share your expertise and get clients. You also want to proactively plan what to say and share to connect with your audience.
  • Action. Visibility isn’t a one and done thing; it requires consistently taking action. This requires making it a key part of your regular business activities. You also want to manage your time and energy appropriately so you don’t burn out

How to be more visible in your business 

The good news is that there are so many ways to get visible in your business! And you get to choose how to be visible in a way that works best for you.

Here are 5 ideas to help you get more visible: 

1. Social media. Love it or hate it, social media offers you access to a larger audience than most other mediums. And your ideal clients are on social media! It’s all about learning to use social media in a way that actually connects you with clients.

2. SEO. SEO can help your website rank better in search results. In order to use it effectively, you need to be dialed in on your niche and what they’re searching for.

3. Guest blogging. Blogging for your own business is great (and helps build SEO), but guest blogging for a larger site that your ideal clients already visit helps grow your audience faster. 

4. Being a podcast guest. Yes, you can start your own podcast, but when you’re new, you’ll get more bang for your buck by being a guest on a podcast with a larger following of your ideal audience.

5. Speaking opportunities. Seeking out speaking opportunities at larger summits, events, or even to a large Facebook group allows you to share your expertise with a new audience without having to build that audience yourself. 

Ready to get more visible in your business but don’t know where to start?

Since there are so many ways to get visible, it can often feel overwhelming.

Add to that, common issues like impostor syndrome or self-doubt, and you have a recipe for hiding out, not showing up.

But you can find a way to get more visible in your business in a way that works for you. 

This is what I cover in my group program, Show Up & Shine. I’m launching another round this Fall and you’re invited! You can get on the waitlist here.