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Build Your Brand,
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Your actions won’t matter if these key aspects aren’t aligned.

Since you started your business, you’ve spent time learning from experts, hired a coach (or two), and taken some courses. You’ve invested a lot of time in learning. 

You’ve crafted a solid strategy and plan. You’ve been taking action for a while now, but despite that, you’re not seeing any results (or at least, the results you want). What gives?!

When you’ve done your homework and you’re taking action, but things still aren’t happening, it’s time to look deeper.

It’s not about your action plan

You’re probably wondering, “So what I am doing wrong?” especially if you feel like your plan is rock solid.

And your plan may actually be rock solid. 

But here’s the thing… It’s not enough to have an action plan, even if it’s the right plan. 

While the right plan is necessary (and so is taking the action, btw), if your actions aren’t aligned with your mindset, beliefs, and energy, you likely won’t see the results you desire.

Aligned thoughts + aligned feelings + aligned actions = aligned results

There can be several reasons why you’re taking action and not seeing results. Here are a few of the key scenarios I see with my clients.

1. Your actions are not aligned with what you want to experience. It’s not enough to just take action. The action you take needs to be aligned with the vision you have for your life and your business. Even if it feels hard or you’re experiencing resistance, the actions you take should feel authentic to you. 

2. You’re not focused enough. Stop trying to do everything. Scale down. Go deeper. This could mean niching down further and choosing only one customer persona to focus on right now. It could mean choosing only one social media platform. It could mean focusing on one or two  sales activities that you’re going to master and forgetting about the rest.

3. You’re trying too hard. It’s possible you’re running yourself ragged and overworking. This will (if it hasn’t already) burn you out. You might also be so focused on taking action that you miss the signs that are right in front of you. If this sounds familiar, take a step back. Be willing to do the exact opposite of what you’re doing and surrender instead of force. 

4. You don’t believe it’s possible. Even if you’re taking all the right actions, if you don’t believe what you want is possible, it won’t happen. You must have faith in it, even though you haven’t seen it yet. Gabby Bernstein said in her new book, “Faith isn’t hoping that the Universe will help you. Faith is knowing help is on the way.” If your faith or belief is lacking, work on strengthening it.

5. You’re not showing up fully. You might be going through the motions, but not fully showing up. This can look like any of the following scenarios: Filling your content with topics that are popular, but that aren’t heart-felt; showing up to networking events but not putting yourself out there; saying you want clients but not engaging in any sales activities. You’re not fully putting yourself out there, and you won’t see results until you do.

6. You’re inconsistent. If you’re in the right alignment and taking the right actions, but still not seeing the fruits of your labor, you might need to be more consistent. It’s not a one and done game. Are you committed to showing up and taking action on a regular basis and not just when you feel like it? This is what it takes, whether you’re starting a gym routine, healthier eating, or getting more clients… consistency is key.

7. Your energy isn’t aligned. Last but not least, consider your energy. How are you showing up to your business activities? Are you feeling excited about what you’re doing, or are you in a “woe is me/this isn’t working” energy. Your energy matters. How can you align your energy to be more in the flow of joy when you’re taking action? How could you enjoy what you’re doing even more?

How to see aligned results

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions all play a role in the results that you’ll see. If they’re not aligned and if you’re not consistently showing up, you won’t experience the results you’re hoping for. 

The good news is, it’s possible to change the aspects that aren’t working (yes, even your beliefs and energy) so that you can get the results that you want. Curious to know more? Sign up for a free consult

Have you been taking all the action in your business but not seeing results? What tip above could benefit you?