Holistic Business Coaching

Holistic Business Coaching

for Coaches, Healers, and
Holistic Entrepreneurs

As a coach or healer, you and your business are naturally intertwined. Your business feels like an extension of who you are. And that’s why you benefit from coaching that supports you holistically.

Holistic business coaching takes the whole you into account. Because the whole of who you are (meaning your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, experiences, worldview, values) will impact every aspect of your business.

Holistic business coaching isn’t like traditional business coaching

Holistic business coaching is not your “traditional” business coaching. It isn’t about getting rich quick, making six figures in six months, or scaling your business as quickly as possible. It’s about building the right business for you. 

The right business for you looks different than the right business for anyone else. It’s the business that suits your values and goals, that honors your gifts and talents, that allows you to show up authentically, that supports  you to serve your clients  with integrity.

Holistic business coaching is about creating the business you feel called to create. It’s about doing the work you love and are uniquely skilled at doing. It’s about making a living and making a difference in the lives, health, relationships, and careers of others.


Hi, I’m Stacey, holistic business coach

As a holistic business coach, I work with clients like you to address your mindset, strategy, and energy, so that you can grow a business that is aligned with who you are: mind, body, and soul.

As the client, you are always at the center of our work together. One-on-one coaching with me is focused around you, your business, and your goals — so that you can build a business that supports you, show up as your authentic self, and fulfill your own mission and calling.

Holistic business coaching with me includes a mix of the following:

  • Mindset coaching, including uncovering your thoughts and beliefs about yourself, your work, and the world at large, so that you can become aware of, address, and change those that are not serving you.


  • Strategic coaching, for example: defining your business model, your services, your prices, your messaging, and your marketing, so that each of these pieces work together in supporting your business goals.


  • Energetic alignment coaching, meaning, ensuring your business is aligned with your gifts, as well as honoring your own energy, so you can show up as the highest version of yourself in your business.
holistic business coaching

Holistic business coaching is the inner and outer work of growing a business

Holistic business coaching includes the inner (mindset, energy, alignment) and outer (strategy, actions) work of growing your business, because when both are aligned, that’s when the real magic — and results — happen.

It’s not just about being spiritual or doing the mindset work to believe you can have a successful business. It’s also about taking aligned action and creating a strategy that supports your business goals.

With holistic business coaching, each and every part of your business is alignment with one another

Holistic Business Coaching Offerings


North Star Session: 90 minute Intensive

For entrepreneurs who want to get aligned or realigned to your North Star. We’ll focus on getting clarity on a single aspect of your business so you can move forward with confidence. If you decide to continue 1:1 work, your investment will be credited to the larger package amount.

Coaching Business Accelerator: for coaches just starting their business

As a new coach, building a strong foundation is key. We’ll define your business model, clarify your your niche, create your service offering, create your messaging, and learn how to market your business, while addressing common mindset blocks.

Customized 1:1 Business Coaching: for coaches growing their business

For clients who want to go deeper and get personalized coaching and strategic support as you  grow your purpose-driven business. Our coaching focuses on the mind, body, and soul of your business, so every aspect of your business is aligned with who you are.

Not quite sure what you need? Let’s chat!

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